Friday, March 29, 2013

Chasing a Silver Bullet

We're all told: Rainmakers have 'it'. They have this special thing that enables them to land new clients like flying silver carp jumping into a boat. It makes you think there's a silver bullet out there.

There isn't.

It's not one thing that will make your business development efforts successful, it's a myriad of different skills and activities you must do every day. And that combination is different for every rainmaker. The unique combination of these skills, the ones that you are most comfortable doing, and the ones you perform consistently over time, is what gives you your business development mojo.

That having been said, there are some fundamentals you must master. You'll read a lot about these fundamentals in this blog. But your real business development 'groove' comes from finding that unique set of comfortable activities that you will enjoy doing every day. And then, doing it.

It goes without saying, if you'd like to improve your groove, give me a call me at 502-693-4731. It costs nothing to talk.

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