Monday, September 21, 2015

Ask For Referrals Early in the Relationship

Most professionals never ask for a referral. When they do, it's often after the project has been completed. This may not be the most opportune time to ask for a referral or testimonial. Earlier in the relationship may be better. Early in the relationship avoids the Honeymoon Hangover effect, the point in time when the honeymoon is over and the reality of the relationship sets in. Requests for referrals after compelling value has been delivered early in the relationship may be the best time to ask for a referral to professional peers who may also have need for your services.

Watch For Client Easing

Clients rarely abruptly stop using the services of an attorney. Instead, they ease out of the relationship slowly. The same is true of how clients prefer to get into a relationship. Pitching too much too quickly demands too much trust too early in the relationship. It is better to offer a way to become familiar with the attorney’s work and grow the relationship from there into more practice areas as trust and comfort builds.