Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting to 'Yes', Part 2

Getting to 'yes' in a proposal requires more than clarifying the client’s situation and objectives, offering solutions and providing evidence of the value of your recommendations. While this basic structure for a presentation can be successful, often it is not enough to get the client to say 'yes'. Getting to 'yes' is a conversational art which uses the principles of leverage to facilitate a path toward a positive outcome for the pitch.

This is the second in a two part series.
2. Offer a Series of ‘Yeses’.

Clients who get in the habit of saying yes find it easier to say yes. So, leverage in making it easier for clients to say yes can lay a great foundation for the big yes you are looking for the client to make. When offering next steps, always give the client a series of options in which to say yes. For instance, when setting up a follow up meeting which you want to include the primary decision maker, offer to set up the meeting yourself directly with the decision maker, send your contact a note which they can forward to the decision maker or offer to conference the decision maker in on the call. More than likely, your contact will take the option of you writing the note to invite the decision maker to a follow up meeting. Had you not made a series of yeses offer your contact would likely have simply stated that he would get with boss and get back to you- a position that leaves you helpless to influence the situation.

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