Monday, June 3, 2013

Can I Get a Courtesy Read?

There is a lot of talk about blogs in the legal world. I'd estimate that blogs and Linked In are the two most talked about Internet marketing channels. I bet if you took some time to look around that you'd find a half dozen blog authors that you know personally, either within your firm, among your referral sources or maybe even among your clients. 

Now, how many of you have signed up to receive automatic e-mails or RSS feeds of their blog posts?

Raise your hand if you have.

Someone? Anyone?


I suspected that.

Blogs are tough. They are a mammoth commitment. You have to produce interesting, relevant and informative content on a fairly narrow topic area consistently over time in order to reap the benefits of blogging. It's not easy.

So, knowing this is an intensely challenging commitment that your [friend, peer, partner, client] has taken on, why haven't you signed up to see what they are writing about?

Signing up to read the regular posts of bloggers you know is a simple and easy way to express interest in that person. In some cases, for instance when it is your client, you will likely read about  issues that are particularly important to them. (hmmmm. That could come in handy!)

The vast majority of professionals approach the marketplace looking for what others can do for them. But someone truly interested in doing for others appreciates the challenges people take on in their jobs and personal lives. Signing up to get their posts is a small but visible way of saying 'I care about you'.

Bloggers periodically look to see who has signed up to get their posts. And, when they do, you will be glad that your name is on the list. I'd go one better by encouraging you to comment occasionally on their posts. Comments go a long way to showing your interest in them and the issues or opinions they have.

So take a moment to figure out which of your partners, peers, friends and clients have blogs and sign up to get their posts sent to you. It'll show you are interested and, more importantly, that you care.

If I can help you get more people to care about you, call Eric Dewey at 502-693-4731. You'll find that I am an eager resource and that it costs nothing to talk.

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