Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't Drink the Coffee

Morning meetings are the best times to meet with prospective clients. Breakfast meetings catch clients before they get into the office and get dragged in to their hectic days. It’s a time when most people are thinking more broadly about what needs to be done and are often more receptive in the mornings to ways in which they can accomplish their goals and get projects underway.

But remember. You are not at breakfast for the ham and eggs. Breakfast meetings are not about eating. They are about talking with clients about their business and the challenges they face. Keep your meal light and simple. A fresh fruit bowl is ideal. Avoid coffee on the drive in to the meeting as well as at the meeting if possible- you don’t want a spill to ruin your presentation mode. Get right to business. The less small talk you make the more time you have to understand teh client's needs. And you'll send the message that you are all business and don't waste your client's time or money. 
Lastly, always treat the waitress and hostess with the utmost respect and friendliness. Clients will notice if you are disrespectful, rude or lack compassion. Clients know that how you treat the waitress is how you will treat the client’s secretary and treating a secretary poorly will take away your chance to ever work with that client. It’s practically guaranteed.

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