Thursday, February 21, 2013

Never Ask for Business When a Client Feels Cornered

Asking for business is best done when the mood is right. The mood is rarely right when a prospect feels cornered or is made to feel uncomfortable. Examples of this include asking for work in social situations, asking for work after giving a gift, or during social events when the client has had too much to drink or doesn’t want to talk shop.

No matter how you cut it, these situations will make the client feel uncomfortable, at best, and manipulated, at worst. Sophisticated clients know better. If you are insensitive as to how a client feels and when the timing is right for a pitch, how likely are you to be sensitive to client needs in other areas?

The best place  to ask for work is over a meal (breakfast is the best meal for business development). The next best place is in your office. The location matters much less than the situation. Be attentive to what your client may be feeling and don't ask for work when they are least receptive to that conversation. 


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