Friday, February 22, 2013

Techy Presentation Tips

For those about to rock the speaker podium, here are a few techy tips to help you boost your exposure and integrate contemporary presentation tools.

1. Put your web and blog addresses in the footer of each slide along with your e-mail, Twitter, Skype and blog address.

2. Print a QR code link to the presentation on a special business card with your name and contact info and the presentation title on one side and the QR code on the other. Hand these out at the beginning of your presentation.

3. Start your presentation with the links or twitter address to ask questions or vote on speaker-posed questions. Offer multiple ways to interact. Designate someone to field the comments and questions and present them during your presentation scrolling across the top of your powerpoint.

4. Add social media site links to your presentation to enable others to 'like' or link to your presentation and spread your knowledge.

5. Wear solid color clothes as patterns can cause wacky effects when broadcast by video. Smile, look people in the eyes, and be approachable. Pause to allow questions and to emphasize important points.

6. Remember to periodically engage with the camera for the simulcast or recording. Make viewers feel part of the room.

7. After the presentation, tweet and post links to the webcast and materials for your presentation.

8. Take the presentation and carve it up into several blog posts and schedule them in advance so you have several weeks of postings taken care of. Add the presentation to your firm's website.

9. Use the webcast to generate more speaking engagements. Produce presentation highlights and send the highlights video to appropriate industry organizations with an offer to speak on the subject.

Technology enables greater access to a larger pool of people. While your speaking presentation should be designed specifically for the audience in the room, the work you put into producing it should be re-purposed and pushed out to a larger audience.

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