Friday, March 8, 2013

How Can I Avoid Making Cold Calls

No one likes to make cold calls. Not me, not you and certainly not the person you are calling. But cold calls are a necessary evil that you must do. But, not for the reasons that you think. More on that in a bit. 

For now, here are some ways to avoid making cold calls.
The difference between a cold call and one that is warm lies in whether or not the person you are calling knows you or not. Remember the adage, "It is not who you know. But rather, who knows you." With that in mind, here are some activities you can engage in which will help your prospects get to know you.

o   Write an article

o   Publish a study

o   Give a speech

o   Hold a free seminar

o   Network at a business function

o   Ask for opinions
people love to give

o   Call a referral source and ask for an introduction.
Lastly, make some cold calls. Not because it will generate work, they rarely do. But do it because there is simply no better way to learn how to sell. There's no better training in how to manage a conversation to generate interest in your services.

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