Monday, March 4, 2013

Parse Your Offer into Small 'Yes'able Packages

It's difficult for clients to make a decision on large, complex offerings of services. When stakes are high, the risk of making the wrong decision is also high. The organizational consensus and 'processing' can be daunting and take months. Caution turns into questions which become paralysis.

But offers which are parsed into consumable bites which are easy to agree to make it easier for clients to say yes to the total offer package.

The process for this involves breaking the project into bite sized consummable pieces, each with risk and rewards that are relatively insignificant when compared to the complete offering package. Presented in growing levels of accomplishment, the client can see how each step achieves the objectives necessary to move on to the next step. This presentation technique enables the client to build on his understanding of the process and the challenges and reduces the perception of an overwhelming large decision to a more simple, and less intimidating series of small decisions. And a 'yes' after each stage of the project conditions a 'yes' for the overall project.

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