Monday, April 22, 2013

Tune Up Sign 3: Low Referral Volume

You rarely receive referrals from peer attorneys or clients.

What does this indicate?

If true, this indicates the lack of a structured referral management program in the firm and training in how to request referrals from peer attorneys and clients. It may also indicate a poor understanding of how referrals work, how to position attorney practices and the use of specialization and niche practices.

Referrals are the coinage of an attorney’s practice. Yet many firms do not specifically instruct attorneys in the best way to generate referrals. There is an art and a science to generating referrals and the more attorneys understand the psychology and behaviors of referral generation, the sooner attorneys will generate more of their work through referrals and less through expensive investments in other marketing tactics.

This is the third in a ten part series explaining signs that indicate that your firm or personal marketing program could use a tune up.

Tomorrow: What do 'random acts of marketing' indicate?
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