Friday, April 26, 2013

Tune Up Sign 7: Up and Coming Rainmakers?

It is unclear which of the firm’s associates will be the firm’s next generation of rainmakers.

What does this indicate?

If true, this indicates the lack of an effective business development training and coaching process for associates. In addition, it can indicate the presence of overly burdensome hour requirements, poor communication in the firm, lack of an effective mentoring program, or confusion as to the activities and habits which produce the best results.

Firms that pay attention to succession and long term growth tend to invest early and continuously in the success of their associates. Regular training, mentoring and open communication about the skill development of the associates enables firm leadership to identify the associates which will be the next generation of rainmakers. Identifying and supporting the next generation of rainmakers is especially important in a firm who’s senior, rainmaking partners are nearing retirement age.

This is the seventh in a ten part series explaining signs that indicate that your firm or personal marketing program could use a tune up.

Tomorrow: What does Exit Panic indicate?
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