Monday, August 24, 2015

Beware of Client Entertainment

Client entertainment is often viewed as low risk, high fun times to share with clients and prospects. But too often, it can be fraught with risk and erode client relationships, especially early on in the client relationships. I hear hundreds of stories in which hosts or clients got too drunk, forgot their manners, made inappropriate sexual advances, had the credit card bounce, forgot to invite key client team members, poorly communicated event details, clients didn't show up, the host cheated on the golf course, a last minute replacement ruined the discussion and ate all the shrimp, the wives got into a fight, etc. etc. Stories abound. Client entertainment should be treated like an interview- a yearlong or more interview. Prepare well, keep your wits about you, follow up with a sincere thank you and hold the celebrating for when you get back home. Wait until you have a longstanding secure relationship with the client before you loosen the reins.

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