Monday, October 5, 2015

Learn How to Peel an Onion

Clients don’t buy services, they buy solutions. So finding the root cause of a problem is critical to determining a comprehensive solution. While many will say that the solution is winning a case or successfully completing a transaction, the value creating solution is often not nearly so obvious. Providing true value to clients means that you are looking out for their interests and trying to understand the circumstances and outlying factors that contributed to the situation or inhibited its resolution. Learn how to ask questions that uncover need and pain.

Learning how to probe and get to the root cause of an issue is an artful talent. It requires active listening, open ended questioning techniques and relentless probing. Use the 'five whys' questioning technique to probe deep into causes and circumstances as well as to reveal the value that solutions can have for the company and your client. Once you know the scope of the issues, provide solutions not just for the immediate problem but ways to avoid the problem in the future as well.

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