Thursday, February 12, 2015

Words to Live By

My dad is a voracious reader. Or was. He still reads a lot but he no longer can recall what it is that he read. He reads almost out of habit. But I inherited that habit. I hope just the reading part.

When my mother offered that I look through his library of several thousand books, to take home any that I like, I was thrilled. Thrilled like a first-time safari adventurer.

It took several hours to hunt through all of his books. Some were out dated. Others not of interest. Some the narrative so long that I knew I would never read them. But a few met my Venn sweet spot where interest, utility and ease of reference intersect.

And in one of those, I found this.

The six most important words:
I admit that I was wrong.

The five most important words:
You did a great job.

The four most important words:
What do you think?

The three most important words:
Could you please....

The two most important words:
Thank you.

The most important word:

The least important word:


Words to live by. Still teaching me. Thanks, Dad.

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