Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tune Up Sign 9: Alarms are Ignored

Client alerts and advisories are not being read by your clients. You rarely get calls from clients inquiring about the subject of a client alert or advisory.

What does this indicate?

If true, these indicators point to two potential needs: One, there is a need to create more substantive content written in a more readable (less legal) style of writing. Or two, and more likely, it indicates that the firm needs to do a better job identifying emerging legal trends and issues earlier and producing the analysis more quickly. Quite possibly, other firms are sending this information to your clients faster than you, making your advisory redundant.

Building a powerful thought leadership program has the potential to draw inquiries from prospective clients and produce significant new work for the firm. It can also reduce marketing costs and lead to other opportunities which the firm might not otherwise have access to. But many firms lack an understanding of how to make their materials standout, identify emerging trends sooner and complete analysis that resonates with prospective clients.

This is the ninth in a ten part series explaining signs that indicate that your firm or personal marketing program could use a tune up.

Tomorrow: What do excessive sponsorships indicate?
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