Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tune Up Sign 10: Excessive Sponsorships

You receive frequent requests for sponsorships or advertising opportunities which are primarily granted based upon who has requested the sponsorship (attorney or client).

What does this indicate?

If true, this indicates a firm which has not defined the types of advertising and sponsorship opportunities which are consistent with its growth objectives. It also indicates that the firm does not have a formal process for assessing the sponsorship or advertising opportunity and, as a result, relies primarily on the advice of its attorneys, clients and community leaders to guide its decision process, none of whom typically have the firm’s best interests foremost in mind.

It’s important for a firm to have a sponsorship and community outreach plan in place. A well-defined plan can assist you in determining which events and activities are consistent with firm objectives, reach the proper audiences and integrate well into other firm initiatives.
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