Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Acts of Unselfish Kindness

Want to make an impression? Get in the habit of performing random acts of kindness.

I have a close friend that taught me the power of this simple way of being. He is the president of the largest distributor of charitable gaming supplies in the world. He is quite accomplished for his young age and yet one of the most down to earth and approachable people you'll ever meet. I've always been slightly amazed at the heights of his accomplishments so quickly in life so I began to observe him every chance I got. And what I found was consistent with what I have found in observing the top rainmakers in law firms.

John, and great rainmakers like him, perform random acts of kindness. And they do this without the slightest hint of an expectation of reciprocity. This latter aspect seems to be the true key. John Smith (yes, that's his actual name) is the type of person who listens for ways he can help other people- and then acts on it. He doesn't seek permission or ask if he can do something (this only opens the door for the polite 'oh there's no need but thank you' conversation- a spoiler of generous intentions). To him, it doesn't matter who he helps, how he helps them or that they think to pay him back. He truly loves to help others. He seems to pride himself on the fact that his broad network of friends and business associates can be drawn on for just about any solution to a person's problem. And he takes it upon himself to initiate this help without being asked or it being suggested.

I once heard him offer to write a letter of recommendation and make a phone call for one of our friends who mentioned that his daughter was trying to get a position with a large local company. Another friend was looking for a hunting dog and he hooked him up with a breeder. He set up an internship for a guy's son for the guy who he had just met. He surprised me with a case of my favorite locally unavailable beer which he had trucked across the country on one of his cross country delivery trucks. The examples of his random acts of kindness and unselfish generosity are varied and far reaching.

We now lives thousands of miles apart and haven't seen each other in a couple of years. But, I have not forgotten his generosity and unselfishness. I will do anything for this great guy. And not because he is a master connector and rainmaker, or because I feel obligated to return his generosity, which I do, but because he taught me the secret to rainmaking success.

If I can help you uncover the secret to your rainmaking success, please don't hesitate to call Eric at 502-693-4731. You'll find that I am an eager resources and that it costs nothing to talk.

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